Amazon Seller No Further a Mystery

Competitive advantages:
a. Check out a product’s two and three star reviews and discover what people disliked about the product.
b. How can you create a better item by turning those bad into advantages of your product?

What are your customers asking for?

Ask your audience - you have a captive audience each time you see a affected person, ask them when types of products they like and why. Start to record and add into an average the age, gender, and ethnicity of your individuals. That way you can use that information to build an idea of your demographic market.

Giveaway - Create a gift basket or offer a gift card for anyone willing to give you’re their first name, email and what products in their niche they like. Not only will you get valuable input, but you also begins building your email list, which is certainly invaluable.

Dislikes - Most of the time locating out what your visitors don’t like in regards to a product can be just while valuable about finding out what they like. You may find similarities across much of your customer base in what they dislike in a specific item. If this happens it is a great indicator of a potential competitive benefit in something you create.

Natural Products are HOT right now. If there is something in your niche that's widely used but packed with chemicals, a natural alternate may be the way to go. Creating natural alternatives is a great way to make a new product from an existing product in the market.

Allergy free products - Sometimes an excellent product may possess a common allergen in it that prevents Amazon Selling For Beginners many customers from using it. For those who have such a product in your marketplace, consider creating the exact same item without the allergen in it.

Hot sellers produced for a lesser cost - When there is a product in your marketplace that is a HUGE seller you might want to consider having it made inexpensively. Take foam rollers for example, if stores are available them for $40 you may want to consider providing them for sale for $30.

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